Child Care Centres in Singapore All You Need to Know

Being a parent, we want the best for our children. We work hard to provide them with all the best things that we feel are essential for their better growth. However, in doing so, we unintentionally neglect them and focus more on earning money and finding the right services for them. In order to provide the child with the due care that they need and still providing them the services and things that they need for their development, child care centre are a good or the ideal option.

It is widely believed that sending a child to a child care center, day care or a preschool or hiring help takes away the love and care that the child deserves. However, it is not the reality. The child, in fact, gets more love of the parents as well as other people that make them feel loved and important to so many people around them. Moreover, they learn on how to read and write and get the solid foundation that helps them in the later stages of their educational career as well.

Benefits of Child Care

Some of the best benefits of child care are:

Social Development In a child care center, your child gets a chance to interact with other children of the same age group that helps them develop social and interpersonal skills. Not only do they play together, but learn together as well. The child learns how to share with others, greet others and learn some other traits as well that is not possible to learn at home.

The sense of Independence When your child spends some time in a child care center, they get to learn how to stay independent and do their normal course of work on their own. Of course, they are continuously being watched by the teachers and other staff but the feeling of staying away from the parents really help them generate some self-confidence.

Learning The basic idea of child care centre is to make the children learn from the teachers all the time even during the play session. This enhances their learning skills and they also utilize their creativity in the activities that are performed in a child care center.

Child Care in Singapore: The Costs

Childcare is one of the best options available to you where your child gets tons of benefits other than care and attention. In Singapore, there are following types of child care options available to you.

Preschool or Child Care centre

You can opt for either full-day or a half-day childcare program. Based on your chosen program and the age of your child, the average cost is around SGD 1.5K per month.


You can easily find babysitters or nannies in Singapore. The cost of these differs based on their experience and another factor. However, the starting price is around SGD 1.7K per month, quite higher than a preschool.

Based on the above costs, it is obvious that a preschool or a child care center is the most cost-effective option. Not only is it a cost effective option but there are other benefits as well. If you hire a nanny or a babysitter, the child does not get the opportunity to play with other children and interact with them and that is one of the best aspects of child care center that outshines babysitters or nannies.

It is wise to choose a childcare centre in Singapore . It is not about the cost but the better growth and development of your child.

Advantages of a Child Care Centres

Child care centres have transformed into an industry today and they are one of the most successful businesses. Today, many child care centres in Singapore are running successfully, not as a business but as learning centres. Child care centres are like schools where the children get attention as well as learn some meaningful things that help them in the school as well as the later stages of their lives.

Following are some of the benefits that your child can get from attending child care centres in singapore :

1. Cognitive Development

Various cognitive developmental benefits can be derived from quality preschool programs. By attending a preschool or a child care centre, your child will get a chance to develop beneficial social skills, as well as enhance their mental concentration. Moreover, the child develops intellectually and learn to stay independent. After attending the child care centre, your child would have better cognitive development that would make them more prepared for the challenges of the primary school.

2. Preparation for Primary School

As we all know that being a child it is not easy to leave home for a school where no familiar face is there to welcome you. This makes it harder for the child to adjust to the new people. When a child attends a child care centre, they get used to getting up early and leaving for school. This makes them easy for them to adjust to the primary school as well.

3. Social Interaction and Team Work

Children are usually very welcoming. However, some children are not and they need to develop some social skills in their personality so that they dont feel hesitant in talking to other children. Child care centres provide the opportunity to the children to interact with other children and make new friends. They also learn to play together and do fun activities while sharing their own ideas. Such interaction has a positive impact on the communication skills of the child and they also learn to appreciate others.

4. Availability of Numerous Options

Your child gets different options of spending time at the child care center. There are different toys, puzzles, and books available that your child can use. There are many indoor as well as outdoor activities available that can help in the growth of the child while making them enjoy their time at the preschool. There also are different musical instruments available that can help develop an interest for music in your child.

5. Removes Hesitation and Improves Confidence

Children are usually very shy and they hesitate in initiating a conversation or an activity when they are in front of other people that they are not aware of. A preschool or a day care centre promotes confidence to the personality of a child and tackles any sort of hesitation that they might feel. The confidence that they get from such centres stay with them for their entire lives and help them grow in every aspect of their life.

6. Enhances their Creative Side

When it comes to child care centres, the activities they arrange for the children help them use their creativity and bring it out in shape of a drawing or a project. Their creativity is appreciated by the fellow students as well as the teachers that make them use their ideas more often than usual to get the appreciation.

These are some of the best advantages of a child care centre. In Singapore, the rate of growth is quite high and if your child is not prepared for the challenges, they might be left behind.

Is It Time To Move On To A New SEO Agency?

Staying on top of the game is a challenge for business owners. Having a stunning website with a lot of internet jargon does not guarantee traffic. To garner a respectable amount of traffic you need the services of a good SEO agency. But how do you filter a good agency from the bad ones?

Here are five red flags that will help you identify a mediocre SEO agency.

1. Inconsistent or poor results: The reason you’ve hired an SEO agency is to generate traffic and improve the visibility of your website. For any good website, traffic builds gradually. If you do not see positive results over a period, it means that the agency isn’t competent enough to deliver. If you see results very quickly, then the company may be using “black hat” techniques which could result in hefty penalties from search engines.

2. Lack of knowledge about SEO: Believe it or not, many companies that advertise about SEO have little to no knowledge about it. Even a top agency for SEO in Singapore may be unaware of overcoming issues such as a drop in organic traffic, a decline in page rank etc. and improve results. Question them as much as you can and, once satisfied, proceed to employ their services.

3. They do not communicate: The SEO agency should be able to explain its working practices clearly and show regular audit reports. They should provide a detailed account of the kind of links they’re building. In addition, every little change and update to the site must be informed and documented. If your SEO hire fails to do any of these, then it’s time you start looking for a new one.

4. They do not suggest improvements: The agency should ask questions and, in turn, answer questions that will help in achieving your SEO goals effectively. A bad SEO agency will only provide a few link-backs and expect results. They put in minimal effort and bombard you with unnecessary jargon. They are more interested in working in confidentiality than as a team. This should put you on high alert against the agency.

5. You incur huge penalties: A Google penalty is imposed on websites that do not adhere to fair practices in web design. A penalty may cost your site its ranking which will result in a drop in traffic. If the SEO agency has used black-hat SEO techniques to manipulate web results, then be prepared to face a penalty that may cost you a considerable loss in business.

Thus, if you want to choose the best digital agency in Singapore ensure that they do not exhibit these characteristics. Good SEO agencies are upfront about their practices and communicate regularly with you. This builds a healthy relationship which is beneficial to both parties and leads to a lasting association.

Facebook Marketing: How To Reach Your Target Audience?

Facebook marketing refers to a number of strategies employed to increase popularity of a brand and the sale of products and services. It involves posting company updates, blogs, articles, images and videos on a company Facebook page. One needs to identify best strategies among many available for use

Facebook has gained popularity as a marketing tool today because it attracts a huge audience in now reaching about 1.04 billion of daily active users. However, Facebook marketing goes beyond creating a Facebook page. Below are five ways through which you can reach your target audience on Facebook faster and easily.

1. Create a goal

It is hard to get any results without having a target for your Facebook marketing in Singapore. A goal helps to focus your time and resources to helpful campaigns that yield appropriate results. Goals include the number of new likes or visitors you want to get in a given month. While creating a goal, research for Facebook marketing strategies that can help you reach where you want to go.

2. Make your Facebook page impressive and include clear information

Facebook page is the front of your online social shop. Make sure to include attractive cover photos and profile images every time. In addition, provide useful details such as your company website, contacts and directions to your physical shop so anyone interested can find them easily.

3. Quality of posting

First, consider posting a variety of content. Images, videos, into graphics and articles are considerable. However, ensure that each of these posts provide valuable content to your users. This includes how the products and services can actually help them in their day to day life and exactly what benefits they hope to get or what actions they should take. That said, you could try strategies such as introducing freebies on the page to boost audience.

Videos and content that is relevant to your niche will go a long way in helping your Facebook marketing goals. Otherwise, you might get irrelevant traffic that only ties your resources, yields high bounces to the web pages, and converts poorly. Make sure to avoid becoming monotonous.

4. Consider Facebook Ads and promotion of posts

This one can render quicker results than the natural methods of looking for more audience and popularity on Facebook. You pay to promote your posts or place ads on the social network.

5. Use Facebook Analytics

This will help you understand how many new likes you get in a week, which posts were popular in a given period of time, and this helps you focus your campaigns for better results next time. For instance you can increase the number of posts that are more popular among your audience.

There are a number of strategies you can try for facebook marketing in Singapore and which will help increase popularity of your brand as well as earn more sales. It can also earn you more relevant visitors on your website, which certainly improves your ranking on search engines.