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Is It Time To Move On To A New SEO Agency?

Staying on top of the game is a challenge for business owners. Having a stunning website with a lot of internet jargon does not guarantee traffic. To garner a respectable amount of traffic you need the services of a good SEO agency. But how do you filter a good agency from the bad ones?

Here are five red flags that will help you identify a mediocre SEO agency.

1. Inconsistent or poor results: The reason you’ve hired an SEO agency is to generate traffic and improve the visibility of your website. For any good website, traffic builds gradually. If you do not see positive results over a period, it means that the agency isn’t competent enough to deliver. If you see results very quickly, then the company may be using “black hat” techniques which could result in hefty penalties from search engines.

2. Lack of knowledge about SEO: Believe it or not, many companies that advertise about SEO have little to no knowledge about it. Even a top agency for SEO in Singapore may be unaware of overcoming issues such as a drop in organic traffic, a decline in page rank etc. and improve results. Question them as much as you can and, once satisfied, proceed to employ their services.

3. They do not communicate: The SEO agency should be able to explain its working practices clearly and show regular audit reports. They should provide a detailed account of the kind of links they’re building. In addition, every little change and update to the site must be informed and documented. If your SEO hire fails to do any of these, then it’s time you start looking for a new one.

4. They do not suggest improvements: The agency should ask questions and, in turn, answer questions that will help in achieving your SEO goals effectively. A bad SEO agency will only provide a few link-backs and expect results. They put in minimal effort and bombard you with unnecessary jargon. They are more interested in working in confidentiality than as a team. This should put you on high alert against the agency.

5. You incur huge penalties: A Google penalty is imposed on websites that do not adhere to fair practices in web design. A penalty may cost your site its ranking which will result in a drop in traffic. If the SEO agency has used black-hat SEO techniques to manipulate web results, then be prepared to face a penalty that may cost you a considerable loss in business.

Thus, if you want to choose the best digital agency in Singapore ensure that they do not exhibit these characteristics. Good SEO agencies are upfront about their practices and communicate regularly with you. This builds a healthy relationship which is beneficial to both parties and leads to a lasting association.