Importance of playing the guitar.

No occasion is ever complete without some music-bringing people together and bringing a smile on their faces.

From the first chord that you learn or the barre chords that you took forever to master, playing a guitar opens up your soul and soothes your senses. The defining moment when you made a song from scratch to playing a love song to your lover, it encompasses an array of emotions.

Guitars allow us to express something very important and personal about ourselves. When you are playing your guitar, you are projecting a part yourself.

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Studies say that playing the guitar allows you to manage your stress levels, improve communication skills and motor skills, and lower tension.

Stress can weaken the immune system, allowing diseases exploit your weakened body.

Playing the guitar lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, lowering your anxiety levels.

In the fast-paced era that we are living in, we do not need another reason to pick up a guitar and strum our worries away.

Keeping your mind sharp

Playing the guitar, naturally stimulates the brain. When you are playing your guitar, you are essentially performing multiple tasks-reading music, learning chords, fret and finger locations, hand positioning and correcting yourself.

This, in turn, improves your ability to multi-task and improves the brain sharpness.

Every time you learn a new strumming pattern or a new chord, you are exercising your brain.

Researchers claim that it can help prevent Dementia.

Playing the guitar compensates for cognitive declination as we age.

Confidence booster

There is no greater feeling than having achieved something. Learning to play the guitar could be frustrating-putting in the hours of practice and effort. It all turns around when you play your first song.

As you continue to grow in your musical journey, it has a positive influence on your self-esteem and confidence.

When you play for a crowd, you are spreading the same joy that it gives you. Bringing down barriers, helping you feel connected to yourself and giving you a sense of accomplishment.

Social benefits

Getting together with people who share your passion can be a great way to network.

The love of music is universal, and being the one with the guitar will open you up to whole world of social opportunities.

If you are a bit of an introvert, it could present you improve your social circle with people who share your interests.

You could also offer to teach someone a thing or two, learn from them even.


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